The All New MKC


Lincoln’s new MKC crossover is off to a strong sales start. Reviewers pick nits, but they are minor. Here are highlights from some early reviews.

“The cabin is quiet and the ride compliant, yet at the same time, the nicely weighted steering is slack-free and the body control is firmly in check.” — Car and Driver

“Lincoln’s design department should get a high-five for the contemporary new look. Tight proportions, oozing style, and a mean, aggressive stance are traits that breathe fresh air into the Lincoln brand.” —

“Our all-wheel-drive MKC 2.3, weighing in at 4045 pounds, zipped from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds, on its way to a quarter-mile time of 15.0 seconds at 91.1 mph — the same quarter-mile time put down by the BMW X4 xDrive28i.” — Motor Trend

“Looking around at other crossovers in this class, the BMW X3 starts with a 240-hp 4-cylinder of its own, while the Audi Q5 gets a 220-hp four. In this regard, the base MKC is fully competitive right off the bat.” —

“With the suspension in comfort mode and the transmission in D instead of S [sport mode], the handling is cushy enough to be near the edge of wallowy, something we didn’t notice in the normal suspension mode.” — Automobile

“MKC has the best version of Ford’s Sync and touch infotainment system, but the little woman listening for my voice commands seems hard of hearing. Say it three times and she’ll probably still go to 980 AM instead of satellite channel 58.” — The Indianapolis Star

“Ford’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost is among the most efficient and broadly usable turbo engines and it makes the Lincoln look brilliant. It feels light-footed, with a little mechanical song in its heart and fairly entertaining acceleration and merging behavior: 0-60 mph in about 7 seconds, and lots of turbo bluster at midrange speeds.” — The Wall Street Journal

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